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South Maui Sports Chiropractic, located in Kihei, HI, is dedicated to providing expert chiropractic services to treat sports injuries, headaches, stiff necks, joint pain, and many other aches and pains. Whether you’re suffering the consequences of over-rotating on a golf swing or sleeping on a pillow that’s too flat, we guarantee reliable and quality care that will help you live a more pain-free life. 

With 41 years of experience treating patients, our founder and chiropractor Dr. Michael Pierner has developed his own personal analysis and treatment technique. Based on thousands of patients and hundreds of hours of continuous ongoing education, his methods are hands-on and a combination of force and non-force techniques. His specialties include the Activator Method, Gonstead Analysis, the Pettibon Rehabilitation System, and the Kinesio Taping Method. 

Building of South Maui Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Michael Pierner

Building of South Maui Sports Chiropractic
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Our founder and specialist has been treating patients since 1976. With knowledge of multiple chiropractic techniques, he has the skill and the expertise to help alleviate joint and spine pain.

One-on-One Care

Chiropractic issues take time to assess, diagnose, and treat. We guarantee 30-40 minutes of face-time for average appointments, giving you plenty of time to discuss your symptoms and concerns directly with our chiropractor.

Massage and Acupuncture 

In addition to excellent chiropractic services, we also offer our clients massage and acupuncture services. We encourage clients to take advantage of these services concurrently with the chiropractic treatment they receive.

Many people believe the pain they’re experiencing can’t be resolved by a chiropractor; we encourage you not to rule us out. Call South Maui Sports Chiropractic to schedule an appointment today.

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